Recover faster after a tornado
Our Tornado Crisis Policy covers up to $15,000 covering any out-of-pocket costs, such as deductible. Our payouts are within days* enabling you to bounce back faster.
How The Policy Works
Using National Weather Service data Sola provides fast and reliable payouts within days* to help you get back on your feet. See the video to find out more

Step 1
A tornado damages your insured property
Step 2
The National Weather Service assess the tornado damage. Sola then uses this data to determine if you are eligible for a payout
Step 3
Sola will reach out to you to confirm damage. If your insured property was damaged from the tornado, you get a payout based on the EF level at your property
Be Protected
Minimize out-of-pocket expenses with Sola's coverage.
Every insurance policy has gaps.
Why Sola?
Be Covered
Sola helps pay for the out-of-pocket expenses that normal home insurance makes makes you pay for (like the deductible)
Bounce back faster with data driven payments
No need to do long paper work
Pick your limits and use the payout for what you need ... when you need it
Any Questions?
We are here to help!
Affordable Coverages
Policies at only $5.50 per month**
The policy works independently to any other insurance policy. While you are working through your major claim or have any out-of-pocket costs

**Only payable annually

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*On average, it takes three days for Sola to determine payout eligibility for a property after a tornado. This estimated time

does not account for the policyholder's response time.